Modeling Your Car's Energy Use


Before I built my electric midget I spent a fair amount of time trying to estimate how it would run. I wanted to have an idea of how far the car could go on a charge with a certain amount of batteries. There are a some sites that have calculators that help you estimate how your car will behave. I was interested in finding out the coefficient of drag (Cd) of an MG Midget and I found some guesses, but nothing I thought was backed with real data. I found a site that explained how to measure your Car's Cd, and I tried measuring my gas Midget before I bought the partially converted electric Midget. I tried using a GPS Running watch to gather the data, and it work very well. In this section I have written some articles about measuring your Car's Cd, how to use a GPS recording device, and how to take it a step farther and model the energy use required to drive a particular route. Hopefully my explanations will allow others to try this same technique. You can use this idea with a gas car before you do the conversion. You'll have a good idea on how much battery you'll need to run your particular route.